Welcome … Be our Guest!

I love to create! Just the mention of patterns, colors, and textures makes me smile. So, when it became clear that out facility needed a little TLC, my creative soul did a happy dance.

However, in the depths of my heart I knew it was more than picking colors and painting. It was about creating a space that says, “Welcome, be our guest”. As we invite those in our community to allow us to help them through a difficult time, they often invite us into the story of their life. It is about more than the food; it is about the heart which offers it.

I am excited about the facility improvement project. I am grateful to the individuals and businesses who have given time and/or financial resources. Without them, the improvements would not have been possible. I am even more excited about how our guests have reacted to the changes. I love to watch the fellowship that occurs. I love the music of laughter and the brightness of smiles. I love our new look, but even more than that, I love the look on the faces of those who enter.

Welcome … be our guest!